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“Creative thinking and embracing emotion are the only ways we are going to reconnect with each other in the current age.”

Matt Jackson, Founder of Affectors

How it Works


Our team training programs are customised to suit the opportunity or challenge faced by your team and the organisation.

Program design: The training programs are high energy, and structured with creative teaching methodologies which includes one on one coaching, group training, using various mediums of communication so that every individual learner can engage and practice the skills and tools delivered through the training.We use design thinking in our program design so that it engages all your senses. Our goal is to tailor the material to the needs of your organisation through consultation and investigation of the relevant issues.

Our Approach: Our training programs are structured around full or half-day formats. We specialise in aligning with the purpose of our clients by introducing new approaches to problem solving and creative thinking. The training programs can be delivered onsite at your organisation or different locations across Australia. Our training programs are delivered by expert trainers in their field to help you learn, understand and put into practice new ways of thinking to build a high-performance team.

Our mission is to help you and your organisation promote a culture that fosters innovation, change and is prepared for the future of work.

Learning & Development

Daily habits for Innovating

Idea generation

Complex problem solving

Brainstorming & Creativity tools

People & Processes

Build high performance tems

Workplace culture

Change management

Individual and team behaviour

Customer Experience3

Build Visual experiences

Interactive communication

VR application

foster a culture of innovation

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